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Keeping it Clean

Posted by:Lodge Posted on:Jan 20,2017

I’m sure that anyone that works in a hospitality type of job understands that customers are the most important part of any successful business. To keep your business striving day after day, year after year, you have to keep your customer satisfaction high. We all understand that when we give a customer wonderful customer service and go well above their expectations, they will come back again and again. They will also tell others about their experience with you. So this begs to ask, what are some of the key components we should focus on to help our customers leave with all their expectations exceeded and ready to come back? Well, we will cover several of these keys in the next few posts. For now, we will start with one of the biggest in the hotel industry: Keeping the rooms clean.

This seems pretty obvious of a thing for anyone that works in a hotel, but that is not always the case. Most complaints from customers giving an unsatisfactory mark for a hotel comes from the room not being clean. Every time a customer walks into the hotel, they start looking at the cleanliness of it. This means that it is not only about the room itself being cleaned, but the hallways leading to the rooms, the lobby area, and the front desk should also all be clean and tidy. Removing clutter, floor sweeping, frequent dusting, and using an air freshener can go a really long way to help guests see your hotel as clean. Every employee should be trained and expected to pitch in when they see something that doesn’t look its best. No business can afford to hire employees that have the attitude that only the housekeeping supervisor is responsible for keeping the hotel clean and tidy.

You will be amazed how far a clean hotel can get you with your customer satisfaction. Make this a priority at your business and see your customer satisfaction go up.





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