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Being Friendly with Customers

Posted by:Lodge Posted on:Jan 24,2017

There are many ways that people working in the hospitality industry can help to keep customers with great satisfaction ratings. We have previously discussed how keeping things clean is an important thing to do in a hotel or any other customer driven hospitality business. There are many ways that you can help the customers to feel welcome and important to you. One of the easiest and most rewarding ways is to be friendly and outgoing.

When a customer decides to give you their business, they come in with preset ideas on how to treat them. When they receive a cheery greeting and a welcoming smile from each of your employees, it can go a really long way to show them just how much your business cares about the guests. Your employees should regularly ask the guests if they could do anything to help make their stay better show them how much your employees are concerned with them having a good stay. Each employee should be trying their best to hit the mark with everything you are providing for your customers. This includes paying attention to details, employees conducting themselves professionally, a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, exceptional service, and a clean room. You should never settle for things being mediocre. When guests come to a hotel, they are wanting to find rest from their travel or from a hectic day at work. They want you to remind them that they can come there to relax, find comfort, and be served by others. When every employee recognizes this, you will be able to exceed the expectations of your customers and give them a great experience. Once they have a great experience in your care, they will likely recommend your hotel to others.

Of course, being friendly and outgoing is not just for those in the hotel business, but is important for anyone working in the hospitality sector. No matter where you work, you want the customers to feel like they are important to you and being friendly with them is one way to do that.




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