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Recognizing Customer Loyalty

Posted by:Lodge Posted on:Feb 5,2017

The one thing that every business desires to have is repeat customers. The best way to do this is to give the customers what they want and treat them well. You will find that when you recognize those loyal customers, they are more likely to come back to you again and again.

If you’re in the business of hospitality, and you have guests that come back to you over and over again, that means that you are doing something right and they enjoy the way that you treat them. When you have customers that are loyal to your company, they like to have that loyalty acknowledged. You can put a loyalty program in place to formally reward guests when they return to your business by offering them perks, frequent communications, and discounts. Of course, simply acknowledging a returning guest and getting to know them by name tends to be the most satisfying experiences for a returning customer. I know that when I go into a restaurant and the employees know my name, or even just know what I regularly order, it makes me feel special and makes me want to continue giving them my business. One restaurant I frequent often, several of the employees not only know my name, and also the name of my child. Having that personal relationship with the owner and employees encourages us to go back regularly.

Everyone wants to feel like they are welcomed, included, and acknowledged. One of the best places in the business to acknowledge a returning customer is at the front desk. If possible, the front desk personnel should acknowledge the customer by name and welcome them with a warming smile. Each employee should be trained to use these techniques for communicating with returning customers so they will continue to return. By rewarding the returning customers with the attention they deserve, they will become more and more loyal to you.



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