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Posted by:Lodge Posted on:Feb 11,2017

Respect. That is a word that I grew up hearing all the time but never truly understood it until I was a little older. We all love to be shown respect. Whether we are an older adult or a young child, we should all be shown respect. In fact, we expect to be shown respect when we are paying for it. This is a really big one in the hospitality sector. Respect can make or break a business very quickly. Respect can be the difference between a one time guest or a lifelong one. It can also have a huge effect on your customer satisfaction ratings and your reputation online and in the local community.

The experience of a guest is determined by the people who serve them. With this in mind, every employee within the business should make it a top priority to treat every guest with respect. When you treat others the way you would like to be treated, you tend to give them exceptional service. Every guest should be given respect just for being who they are, a person. It takes a special employee to serve the customers well. Some say it’s in the employees personality, while others say it’s a trait that can be learned. Whatever you believe about it, respect for the individual is shown by serving others. It is a basic foundation of any business that deals in hospitality if they expect their customers stay with them. Your guests deserve to be respected with staff that is attentive to their needs and a warm welcome. The interaction your employees have with the guests can create a good or bad experience for them. By showing your guests respect, it would give them a level of service that is exceptional.

Going beyond the expectations of the customer is not a hard task to accomplish. It is something that everyone in the hospitality business should be doing regularly. The key is to consistently exceed those expectations and reinforce these ideas in your employees whenever needed.




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