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Posted by:Lodge Posted on:Jan 20,2017

Welcome to EconoLodge Midlothian. Our motto here at EconoLodge is that hospitality comes first. There are many ways to be hospitable to people. Hospitality is not merely providing a roof over someone’s head. It is about how you treat them from the time they pull in until the time they leave. All the things in the middle will leave them with either a good impression or a bad impression of you. Of course, everyone in the service industry wants to leave a good impression on their customers so they will come back. I am sure you have heard the saying that when someone is happy, they may tell one friend, but when someone is not happy, they are likely to tell ten friends. Our goal is to make happy customers so they will come back to us again and again, and they will tell their friends about the service and hospitality they receive while with us.

This blog is not only useful for those working with EconoLodge, but for anyone in the industry of hospitality. We will be covering all aspects of hospitality in this blog and how we, in the service industry, can help our customers to feel welcome. I hope you will follow along in our journey of learning.


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